Believe in Love


I believe in love.

I believe in the power of love.

I believe that love holds the power to do many, many things.

I also believe that love should not be taken lightly or taken advantage of.


Love is a partnership. A goal. We should always try to come back to love. To a place where love is central.

Love of others. Love of our Self. Love as a means of existence…as a means of sustenance…as a means of a means of peace and support.

It is all contributory. You must contribute to love.

Come to love with great openness and open-heartedness and light. Give love genuine attention.

Love needs to be nurtured. It can’t just be–it has to be recognized and explored and contemplated.

Love is not a one-way emotion. Even in loving our Self, we have to focus on what it is that interacts within. The positive and negative. The strong and week. They  must be there to draw each other out.

But, in the end, love needs to win. Love needs to be the emotion and focus that makes the difference. Love needs to be supported.

Taking advantage of love doesn’t work. Taking advantage of love isn’t coming to it with a genuine spirit, but coming to it with greed.

Sure, each of us wants to be a recipient in the love relationship, but coming to it without the intent of giving back or without freeing ourselves to give back can really make a huge difference in whether or not you can love unconditionally.