You have many choices when it comes to your wedding ceremony itself. If you do not have a church minister, there are wedding ministers and officiants who provide multiple services and others whose only focus is on the ceremony.

Many wedding venues will provide a referral list or you can select and bring in your own celebrant.

Taking the time to find the right officiant can truly make your wedding special.

Before choosing someone to officiate your wedding, take the time to meet the person–either in person or through a phone or video conversation.

Ask yourself….

  • Do you connect with the officiant?
  • Do you like him/her?
  • What is the officiant’s approach – does it suit your personality?
  • What decisions do you get to make about the ceremony?
  • What does the officiant do to get to know you?
  • Does the officiant make you feel comfortable and excited about your ceremony?
  • Will the celebrant prepare the right ceremony and atmosphere for your wedding?
  • If you have religious or spiritual beliefs, will the officiant reflect that in the ceremony?
  • Will the officiant attend your rehearsal (and conduct the rehearsal, if you do not have a coordinator)?
  • Have you read a sample ceremony – and do you like it? (Remember, that the ceremony is the property of the officiant. If you do not choose this officiant, but take any part of the ceremony, please compensate them in some way.)
  • Is the celebrant available on your wedding date and will s/he travel to your venue?
  • What do you need to do to secure the date with the officiant?

I hope you find the perfect person to fulfill your vision of your ceremony!

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